Got an idea?

All I had was an idea and God. 

Those were the words from the event coordinator of an author festival I recently participated in.  Although the coordinator shared she only had three months to organize the event with a zero budget, the event ended up being a success because she believed in the idea God had given her and moved forward in making it come alive.

That’s what God wants us to also do. For daily he gives us a plethora of writing ideas. But rather than moving forward with the ideas we receive, we sometimes allow our fears to stop us in our tracks until we have perfect conditions. We may wait until we have the perfect time to write. We may wait until we have the perfect place to write or we may wait until we have the perfect skills to write. But just as the young woman offered her event in spite of imperfect conditions, we are called to launch out and begin the journey to write for publication even when our conditions aren’t perfect. For, in the end, all it really takes to get started is a great idea and a great God.

Sharing the journey,


Writer to Master: Father,  You’ve given me an idea for a writing project. May I believe in myself and have faith in you to believe it’s enough to get started on my journey to write for publication. Amen.

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