Where can I get my writing ideas?


In an recent documentary about his life, An aged and famous singer was asked where he got his ideas for his great and enduring songs. Without hesitation, he  responded: “I just listened-in and observed the world around me.”

According to Ethel Herr, in her book, An Introduction To Christian writing,  ‘’Ideas swarm around us everywhere – in all we see, hear, read, touch, experience, do, feel and learn about. The secret is to reach out and grab the inspiration.”

Where can you reach out in the world around you to find your writing ideas? Ms. Herr suggests the following places:

  • Yourself – ideas can be found in your past and present experiences, hobbies, journals, dreams and lessons learned in daily life.
  • Your family – ideas can be found in familiar sayings, experiences, relationship problems and bits of colorful ancestral history
  • Your friends – ideas can be found in their experiences, hobbies, distinctive points of view, insightful conversations
  • Your church – ideas can be found in sermons, church members, special projects and programs, attitudes  
  • Your community – ideas can be found in neighbors, club and organizations, historical landmarks, social programs
  • The media – ideas can be found in stories of people doing interesting things, letters to the editor, classified ads, TV shows and movies
  • Miscellaneous sources – ideas can be found in books, travels, the content of your purse, conversations you overhear, the doctor’s waiting room

Struggling to find ideas today as an aspiring writer? Then look around, and you’ll find your ideas are everywhere!

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Writer- to-Writer: Name one place from which you generate your writing ideas? Post your comments on my blog. I enjoy hearing from you!

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