Winning the trophy of publication

I don’t know why the Man above gives me the hardest road, but the Man above doesn’t put you in situations you can’t handle.  So instead of saying why me, I kept believing that this is what he wanted me to do.  LeBron James

How exciting it was to finally see LeBron James win an NBA championship for his hometown team. As a periodic fan of NBA basketball, I watched as LeBron and his team started the NBA finals and lost the first two games. I watched as they fought back to win game three. I watched when they tied the series in games five and six. And I watched as they played in the arena of the zealous and massive crowd of their opponent to win game seven and the coveted NBA championship trophy.

But how? How was LeBron James able to win an NBA championship for his hometown team after being criticized for leaving to play for another? How was he able to return to a losing hometown team after winning two NBA championships with another? And how was he able to maintain the mental, emotional and physical stamina required to lead and inspire his hometown team to overcome their past failure of losing the NBA finals a year before?

LeBron answered these questions during his post-game interview.  He said that sometimes  “the man upstairs” will give you special duties. Special duties that will require determination and discipline on your part to accomplish. In spite of the odds, he believed the special duty God had given him was to return home and win an NBA  championship for his hometown. And because of the discipline and sacrifices he chose to make to accomplish the duty he had been assigned, he was finally able to win the coveted NBA trophy for his hometown team.

If God has assigned you the special duty of writing for publication, it will require you to continually discipline yourself to achieve your goal. Disciplining yourself by continuing to learn the craft of writing. Disciplining yourself by continuing to say no to any writing distractions.  And disciplining yourself by continuing to give up whatever is necessary to have time to write. At times you will think the special duty you have been assigned is too difficult to accomplish, as you encounter different challenges along the way, but if you’ll remind  yourself in the words of LeBron James that  “the man above” won’t give you more than you can handle, and remain committed to the special duty he has given you, the coveted trophy every writer desires to attain will  one day be yours to receive – the trophy of publication.

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Writer’s Prayer: Father, whatever the odds I face, help me to stay disciplined as a Christian  writer so I can receive a trophy of publication. Amen.

Writer-to- Writer: Post your comments on my blog as to how you are staying disciplined as a writer so you can receive your trophy of publication. I enjoy hearing from you!

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