Are you ready to go to work?



Dreams don’t work unless you do.


No matter how much I tell  myself I want to write professionally, it will never happen  if I don’t work at it. So here are six things I’ve had to take from the world of work since I”ve been home to remind me how to take the call of writing seriously:

1. I get up when the alarm sounds – When the alarm sounds, I get up to prepare for my writing day.  Like anyone, I hit the snooze button a couple of times before I finally get up, but once I’m up,  it’s time to begin a fruitful day of writing.

2.  I take a shower and get dressed– After my spouse showers and gets dressed for work, I shower and dress to begin my day of work as a writer. Why is showering and dressing necessary if I am working  from home? Because it serves as a reminder that if I dress for success, I will write for success.

3. I go to a designated place for work.  While others are driving to their respective offices for work, I  “drive” to my designated office within my home to begin the work of writing. It is there where I position myself in front of my writing materials (devotional, Bible, pen, paper, computer) to begin my writing day.

4. I begin work at a designated time.  Although I can be flexible with my start time since I work from home, I seek as much as possible to stick to the same start time every day to maintain a regular writing routine.

5. I curtail my distractions.  Like any busy office, distractions will cause me to lose focus on what I plan to accomplish as a writer for the day.  To eliminate my distractions, I place my phone on silence, turn off my social media, and close my office door.

6. I end work at a designated time.  Although my husband could stay later to catch up on his work, he chooses to leave his office at a designated time to drive home to spend time with his family. Similarly, because I enjoy writing, it’s not always easy to end my work day; however, knowing how important my family is to me, I end my day of writing at a certain time, turn off the computer and close my office door.

Writing for publication is a job like any other. So if you’re ready to take it seriously, get up, get dressed and get to work!

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Writer’s prayer: Father, help me to take the job of writing for publication seriously each and every day. Amen.

Writer to Writer: What  strategies do you use to get to work as an aspiring writer? Post your comments on my blog. I enjoy hearing from you.

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