The Call


Suddenly, the angel of the Lord appeared to Moses as a blazing fire in a busy. When the Lord  saw that he had caught Moses attention, God called to him from the bush. Exodus 3:1-4, NLT

One day, while Moses was taking care of his father-in-law’s sheep in the land of Midian, he noticed a bush engulfed in flames that was not burning up. As he drew closer to the bush, God called to him from the bush and told him he would lead the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage.

As with Moses, God has a way of getting our attention when He wants us to answer the call to write for publication. What are some ways God uses to get our attention:

1. He uses our circumstances – Has an event recently happened in your life that may be a sign it’s time for you to write for publication? Is your passion for your current job or career lessening and your desire to write for publication increasing more and more? Have you recently retired from your job or been unexpectedly laid off, and now find yourself with a lot of time on your hand? Are doors closing regarding job opportunities in your existing career that once opened easily for you? Then pay attention to how God may be calling you to write for publication through your circumstances.

2. He uses people – What are others telling you about your writings? Are they saying it’s time for you to move from writing as a hobby to writing for publication? Do people enjoy reading what you’ve written and want to read more? Is your critique group giving you more positive feedback lately about your writings than negative? Are you meeting people through workshops and writing conferences who are willing to help you get published, if you’ll get over your fears and submit your work? Then pay attention to how God may be calling you to write for publication through people.

3. He uses divine intervention – In what ways has God spoken to you directly to let you know he is calling you to write for publication? Have you received a special note from someone about your writings, or has a special message scrolled across your laptop, phone or desktop that you knew was sent directly from God? Has God spoken directly to you through a sermon, a song, a Bible verse, or through prayer? Then pay attention to how God may be communicating his call to write for publication through divine intervention.

Like the great leader Moses, answering the call to write for ministry will be the first step on your journey to publication in the Christian marketplace. So pay attention to your burning bush!

Responding to God’s call to write: In what special way is God trying to get you to answer the call to write for publication? Post your comments on my blog. I enjoy hearing from you

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2 Responses to The Call

  1. Jacqueline Stokes says:

    How do begin to write for a publication. I can identify with everything that you shared. But how do I get started. I am so exhausted with these wilderness experiences. I thank you and appreciate your response. Have an Awesome day. Be Blessed.

    • Jeaninne says:

      Hi Jacqueline and thanks for the question. I understand completely about wilderness experiences and how they can keep you for living out your writing calling. However, since I hear your desire to get started in spite of your challenges, I would encourage you to start small – start small by designating a time and a place where you will write that works best for your life right now; start small by setting a realistic goal each day or week that you want to accomplish as a writer; start small by finding a local market to submit your writing to for publication or by starting your own blog. Starting small can be a good way for you to see some results from your writing, while you’re also living your life, which can then inspire you to aim for larger goals and markets when you’re ready.

      I am launching my monthly group coaching sessions this month which are offered to help you get started and remain accountable for your writing goals. Let me know if your budget would allow you to participate in these monthly sessions virtually.

      If God is calling you to write, he will help you find a way to make it happen, so stay encouraged.



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