How to handle rejection

Dear Jeaninne:

Unfortunately your devotion was not accepted for publication, but even though it was not chosen, we want you to know that we appreciate the time and effort you put into preparing and submitting your work. 

I have been writing devotions for awhile and felt my devotions were now ready to submit to a paid market, so I could build my credentials as a professional writer. After researching devotional markets and reading the guidelines for submission, I sent three devotions to a publisher for their review, confident that at least one of them would be accepted for publication. Yet, I received not one, but three rejection letters.

Although painful, rejection is a normal part of the process of writing for publication. What can you do as an aspiring writer if your writings are rejected for publication? Here are five questions to consider:

1. Was my submission written well? Did I check for errors in grammar and punctuation?

2. Did I have someone review my submission before I sent it for publication?

3. Did I use the right format for the message I was trying to convey?

4. Did I understand the submission guidelines and seek to meet them?

5.  Am I willing to heed the advice given in my rejection letter and try again?

Have you submitted your work for publication only to receive a letter of rejection? Then take time to evaluate why your work was rejected. As you improve your writing and resubmit your work to the right market, don’t be surprised when the next letter you receive reads: “Congratulations! Your work has been accepted for publication.”

Sharing the journey,


Writers prayer: Father, help me to see rejection as a way to be redirected to the best place you have for my writings. Amen.

Writer to Writer: How have you dealt with rejection as an aspiring writer? Share your comments on my blog. I enjoy hearing from you.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Great article Jeaninne. A rejection letter is a sign of success. The success of trying. Thank you Jeaninne. Love your blog!

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