Keep tending your sheep

Are these all the sons you have? ”  “There is still the youngest, Jesse replied. but he’s out in the field watching the sheep.”   “Send for him at once.”  And the Lord said, “This is the one, anoint him.”    I Samuel 16:11, NLT 
Up to the point of David’s anointing by Samuel to eventually become King of Israel, nothing much was ever said about him in the Bible.  He was just the son of Jesse, in charge of tending his family’s sheep.
But while David was a young boy tending sheep, God was taking notice of him. He noticed David’s discipline and dedication in going out each day to take care of his family’s sheep; he noticed David never complaining about the monotonous task of tending to his family’s sheep, and he noticed how well David protected and took care of his family’s sheep. So much so, that David eventually became the one God chose to be King of Israel.
Aspiring writer, the job of writing is a lonely one and sometimes you will feel as if  no one is noticing the time and energy you put into  preparing for your ministry. But God notices. And when the time is right, he will align you with the right person to help you get your writings published. Until then, keep tending your sheep.

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 Aspiring writer’s prayer: Father, thank you for reminding me that when no one else notices my dedication to my writing calling, you do. Amen.

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