Are you sending them away?

I love the story of the religious man who climbed onto the roof of his house to prevent himself from drowning in floodwaters.  His neighbors came by in a canoe  to rescue him, but he told them to keep going because he prayed and asked God to save him.  A policeman came by later in a rowboat to save him, but he told him to keep going because he was still waiting on God to save him; a service helicopter eventually came by and threw a rope ladder down to save the man, but he also told him to keep going because he was waiting for God to save him. Eventually, the floodwaters rose above the roof and the man drowned. When he arrived in heaven, he went before God and said: “ God, I prayed for you to save me. Why didn’t you?” And God replied: “I sent a canoe, a boat, and a helicopter to save you, but each time you sent them away.”

As I seek to generate income with the ministry God has given me,  sometimes I have been like the man on the roof and sent some opportunities away.  Such was the case when an author contacted me about helping her write the curriculum for her book. Since I didn’t feel completely qualified for the task, I recommended a list of resources I could offer her to do it herself. But after sharing the offer I received with a good friend who was also a savvy businesswoman,  she told me I may have sent an opportunity away for income God had placed right in front of me.

I learned a valuable lesson from my friend that’s applicable to aspiring writers: Never be too quick to turn down an opportunity to publish your writings, even if you don’t believe you’re completely qualified to do so. So if an opportunity comes your way today to publish your work, in whatever form God chooses to send it, don’t send it away.

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Writer’s Prayer: Father, help me to be sensitive to those opportunities you send my way to write for publication. Amen.

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