How to eat from the crops of the land

No manna appeared that day, and it was never seen again. So from that time on the Israelites ate from the crops of the land.  Joshua 5:12, NLT

While in the wilderness, God miraculously supplied food from heaven to the hungry Israelites. But after entering the Promised Land, the food stopped because the land was able to provide the Israelites with the food they needed, if they planted and harvested the land.

Did you know God will eventually do the same thing to you as an aspiring writer? As you prepare to write for publication, God will send “’manna”  to you in various ways to meet your financial and physical needs. But when you enter the land of publication, he wants you not to depend as much on him to meet your needs, but to use your time, energy and God-given talents to market, sell and promote your book so you’ll be able to eat from the crops you generate as an author in the land of publication. How can you plant effectively to ensure you receive a good harvest of book sales? In an article by Brian Jud called Ten Ways to market your book, he lists ten strategies new authors can use to promote and sell their book:

1.   Use social networking

2.    Use personal networking

3.    Create a website that is functional, easy to navigate and active

4.    Use basic publicity

5.    Use  advanced media relations

6.    Use direct marketing

7.    Use personal marketing

8.    Create a blog

9.    Feature awards received

10. Attend trade shows/fairs/events

Aspiring writer, have you published a book?  Then be sure to use some of the strategies above to help you eat from the crops of the land!

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Writer’s prayer: Father, now that I have  published my first book, help me to do whatever it takes so I can eat from the crops of the land of publication. Amen.

Writer to Writer: If you’ve recently published a book, share some of the strategies you’re doing to ensure you get a good harvest of book sales? Post your comments on my blog. I enjoy hearing from you!

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