Receiving encouragement from unexpected sources

Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket.  Proverbs 25:11

The other day I received the following text message:

“Hi Jeaninne. I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you, and wanted to encourage you to continue to follow your dreams and dare to be different.”

What a timely word of encouragement. And while I appreciated the message that was sent, I was surprised when I received it, for it came from a source I didn’t expect. 

Aspiring writer, every so often you will need a word of encouragement while on your  journey to write for publication. But rather than looking for it from expected sources, don’t be surprised if it comes from an unexpected one, and is lovely as a golden apple in a silver basket.

  Sharing the journey,


Writer’s prayer: Father, thank you for sending me encouragement just when I need it, from unexpected sources. Amen.

Writer to Writer: Share a time when you received a word of encouragement as an aspiring writer from someone you didn’t expect. Post your comments on my blog. I look forward to hearing from you!

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