What God knows about you

Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.  Psalms 139: 1, NLT

In the movie, The Help, the lead character is a maid responsible for not only taking care of a home but serving as a surrogate mother to a child neglected by her mother. In an effort to build confidence in the child, the maid has her repeat three grammatically incorrect, but empowering statements each day:

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

Like the insightful maid, sometimes God has to remind us of who we are as Christian writers. Because we can critical of ourselves when we don’t feel like we’re as far along on our journey to write for Christian publication, God has to remind us to be kind to ourselves. When we question our abilities as Christian writers, God has to remind us we are capable. When we don’t receive the support we’d like to receive, God has to remind me us we are still important to him.

When you find yourself wavering in the area of self-confidence as you seek to write for publication,  don’t forget to remind yourself of what God knows about you:

You are called. You are capable. You are a writer.

Sharing the journey,


Writer’s prayer: Father, thank you for knowing who I am as a Christian writer, even when I don’t always know.  Amen.

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