Are you falling back to your default setting?

Simon Peter said, ” I’m going fishing.”  John 21:3, NLT

Do you know why a computer automatically revert to its default setting? Because that’s what it’s programmed to do.

Simon Peter reverted to his default setting. He was called by Jesus to become a fisher of men, but after denying Jesus three times, Peter reverted to what he was naturally programmed to do – fishing for fish.

During your journey to write for publication, when challenges arise, don’t be surprised if you revert to what you are naturally programmed to do- write as a hobby. In spite of the challenges along the way, if you are certain God has called you to write for publication, determine not to fall back to your default setting; instead, keep moving forward to the new destination God has for you – that of being a professional Christian author.

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Responding to God’s call to write:  How will you encourage yourself to keep moving forward on your journey to write for publication, when you’re tempted to go back to writing as a hobby?

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One Response to Are you falling back to your default setting?

  1. Qiana Jones says:

    We share the same defaulting experience Jeaninne! I’d encountered a few surprise bills (i.e. car repairs, garbage disposal replacement, graduating senior, air conditioner repairs) and it all seemed to happen at once. Under pressure, I became a bit nervous and afraid so I thought I needed another job to cover the “surprises” and noticed that under the pressure I’d ran back to what I knew best … Administrative/Office Management work rather than keeping my faith in God’s Word and focusing on the intense call to write. Much like Simon Peter, I defaulted back into the comforts of corporate instead of courageously plowing forward towards the unchartered territory of publishing. I’d probably be done with this manuscript by now had I not defaulted! 🙂

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