Dealing with distractions

 I am doing a great work. I cannot stop to come and meet with you.  Nehemiah 6:3, NLT

Do you encounter distractions when you sit down to write? An email that has to be read? A Facebook or Twitter post that has to be viewed? A phone call that must be returned, or a TV show you enjoy watching that just happens to be on when you’ve sat down to write?

While rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah encountered distractions. Two of his enemies sent a message asking him to meet them. But when Nehemiah realized their intent and how it would distract him from his work, he decided not to stop to address their concern.

Like Nehemiah, the task of writing will require a huge commitment on your part. So when a distraction arises during your writing time, decide if it is important enough to stop writing. Like the rebuilding of the Jerusalem walls, you are doing a great work as you write for publication and you can reach your writing goal if you’re willing to deal with your distractions.

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Responding to God’s call to write: What do you need to put in place to eliminate your distractions during your writing time?

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