What are you waiting for?

I contacted a successful author to receive her advice on whether to submit a book proposal to a traditional publishing company.  After hearing the idea for my book, and telling her I had written a cover letter and book proposal according to the publisher’s guidelines, she asked me one simple question: “Then what are you waiting for? “

What was I waiting for? I was confident I had a manuscript that fit the publisher’s mission, had tailored my cover letter and book proposal to fit  their submission guidelines, and had written a cover letter and book proposal to the best of my writing abilities. What then was keeping me from pressing the “send” button on my computer?

Fear. Fear that I was making a mistake by submitting a book proposal to a traditional  publisher, rather than a self-publisher. Fear that my cover letter and proposal weren’t written as well as I thought they were. Fear that I might not hear back from the publisher after investing tons of energy into the writing of my cover letter and book proposal. Fear that my book proposal would be rejected.  I had done everything necessary for my book proposal to be sent to a publisher for review, but my fears were keeping me from moving forward.

Aspiring writer, have you written something that you’d like to get published for the Christian marketplace, had a second eye review it, and been told it’s ready to submit? Then what are you waiting for?

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Aspiring writer’s prayer: Father, help me to overcome any fears I have that keep me from moving forward toward publication for the Christian marketplace. Amen.

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