No limits

Is there any limit to my power? Now you will see whether or not my word come true. Numbers 11: 23, NLT

I’ve set a deadline to complete my next manuscript, but it seems like an impossible feat to accomplish when I think about the number of pages I still have to write. Yet I know, with God’s help, nothing is impossible.

After leaving Egypt, Moses had some doubts as to whether God could provide for 600,000 people out in the wilderness. God had to remind Moses there was no limit to what he could do if Moses and the Israelites would just believe.

If you have been assigned a writing task and are questioning your ability to get it done, remember there is no limit to what God can do through you. With faith in Him and your writing abilities, you can do what seems impossible.

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Writer’s prayer: Father, thank you for reminding me that if I believe in you and my abilities as a Christian writer, no writing task will be impossible to accomplish.  Amen.

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