It’s just a token

He brought us to this place and gave us this land flowing with milk and honey. And now, O lord, I have brought you a token of the first crops you have given me from the ground.   Deuteronomy 26: 9,10, NLT.

I’m almost ready.  As I finish up a couple of loose ends regarding my manuscript, I am almost ready to enter the land of publication. The land God promised me thirteen years ago when he gave me the vision to write my book.  And I’m exited about the crops I will harvest when I enter the land.

When the Israelites entered the promised land, God told them to set aside a token of the crops they found in the ground when they arrived, and to place them before Him. It would be the Israelites’ way of worshiping and thanking God for allowing them to enter their Promised Land.

Aspiring writer, whatever the “ crops” are that you are able to harvest from your writing ministry when you enter the land of publication, be sure to give the Lord a portion. For it will serve as just a token of your appreciation to him for getting you there.

Sharing the journey,


Writer’s prayer: Father, thank you for the harvest that I will receive as I enter the land of writing for publication. May I never forget to give you a token of my appreciation for getting me there.  Amen.

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