How to be God’s BFF (Best friend forever)

There has never been another prophet like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face. Deuteronomy 34:10 

My daughter and her friend have been together since first grade. And no matter how many arguments or disagreements they’ve had throughout the years, I know they will be best friends forever.

That’s the same kind of relationship God had with Moses. His love, respect and awe for God had grown daily throughout his whole life. So in spite of Moses mistakes during his journey to get Israel to   the promised land, in the end, he was still God’s best friend forever.

Aspiring writer, you may not always agree with God on what he wants you to do during your journey to get to the land of writing for publication. But if you’ll continue to love and respect God, in spite of your disagreements with him along the way, in the end, you’ll still be his best friend forever.

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Writer’s prayer: Father, may everything I do as a Christian writer be with the goal of being your best friend forever. Amen.

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