Don’t push too soon!

But the people pushed ahead toward the hill country of Canaan, despite the fact that neither Moses nor the Ark of the Lord’s covenant left the camp.  Numbers 14:44, NLT

What happens during labor and delivery when a women pushes too soon? According to an article, How to push. Should your baby be your guide? , some studies found that coached pushing during  labor as it’s typically practiced was associated with one or more of the following:

  • Increased risk of damage to the mother’s urinary and pelvic structures
  • Greater chance of perineal tears or episiotomy
  • More frequent nonreassuring fetal heart rate patterns
  • Increased maternal stress and fatigue. Being urged to push before feeling the urge (and often before the baby’s head is in the proper position) may drain energy needed later for productive pushing
  • Higher rates of forceps or vacuum-assisted births and c-sections

Like a woman in labor who experiences problems when pushing too soon, the Israelites encountered problems when they decided to push ahead toward the promised land. And without permission from their leader and the Ark of the covenant leading the way, they were soundly defeated by their enemies.

Aspiring writer, there are times when you’ll want to push ahead of the Lord’s plans for your writing ministry, because things are not happening as fast as you’d like them to occur. But if you have not received confirmation from the Lord to proceed, watch out, for your efforts may be soundly defeated.

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Writer’s prayer: Lord, may every step I take be according to your timing for my writing ministry. Amen


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