Are you putting the cart before the horse?

Recently, I met a lady I am considering hiring to market my writing ministry. I told her about the purpose of my ministry, my ministry components and who the target audience was I am seeking to reach. I closed my presentation by sharing what I needed from her company. After I finished, she asked:  “What products do you have right now that I can use to advertise and sell to your target audience?”

I could not answer the question she posed to me and I realized it was because I had put the cart before the horse.

Putting the cart before the horse is an axiom which means not to do things in the wrong order. Nothing was wrong with my desire to advertise and market my ministry, but I had a step to complete before I began –creating my products.

Aspiring writer, there is also an order of progression on the road to writing for Christian publication – learning and studying the craft,  polishing your skills, and writing a quality manuscript. If you submit your manuscript for publication before completing the order of steps to get there, watch out, for you may be putting the cart before the horse.

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Writer-to-Writer:  Share a time when you found yourself putting the cart before the horse on your journey to publication.  Post your comments to my blog.

Writer’s prayer:  Father, help me to complete every step on the journey to write for publication so I don’t end up putting the cart before the horse. Amen.

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