Are you keeping the main thing the main thing?

Remember to keep the main thing the main thing.

~E. K. Bailey~

My beloved Pastor, who is now deceased, used to share the above quote periodically  with the members of his congregation. It was a reminder to us that no matter how busy our lives were, we had to keep our relationship with Jesus a priority.

This quote is a helpful reminder for me today because my life is very busy.  I wear the roles of wife, mother, employee, breast cancer survivor, Christian author and Bible-teacher.  At times I confess my relationship with God suffers because of all of the other roles I wear. Yet I know if I am to write with substance, power and conviction, I must keep my time with God a priority.

Aspiring writer, are you wearing a lot of life roles today? Whatever they may be, don’t forget to keep the main thing the main thing.

Sharing the journey,


Writer’s prayer: Father, I wear a lot of  roles, but please help me to keep my relationship with you a priority, so I can write effectively for your kingdom.  Amen.

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