It is possible!

For nothing is impossible with God.  (Luke 1:37)

My next book has a deadline of completion for the beginning of March, but it seems like an impossible feat when I think about the number of pages I still have to write. Yet I know, with God’s help, that nothing is impossible.

The virgin Mary asked the angel how she could have a baby when she had never been with a man. The angel assured Mary it could happen, because nothing was impossible with God.

Aspiring writer, if God has given you a specific writing task to accomplish and you are wondering if you can do it, remember nothing is impossible with God. With faith in your writing abilities and the power of the holy spirit writing through you, you can accomplish your writing task. So go forth today and do the impossible.


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Writer’s prayer: Father, thank you for reminding me today that nothing I seek to accomplish as a Christian writer is impossible as long as I have you. Amen.

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  1. Valerie says:

    Thanks again Jeaninne for a very timely post! I needed this. Today! Thank you for continuing to feed His sheep. It sooo doing the Body good!

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