Forty days. Forty nights

For forty days and forty nights, Jesus ate nothing and became very hungry. Matthew 4: 2 NLT

Jesus didn’t waste any time after leaving the wilderness. He selected twelve men as his disciples and begin to preach, teach and heal.

But how did Jesus know his ministry was to be a ministry of preaching, teaching and healing?  When did God make it clear to him? I believe God made it clear to Jesus while he fasted in the wilderness for forty days and nights.

What is fasting? Someone has defined it as “abstaining from something for a spiritual purpose to allow yourself to hear clearly from God.” Aspiring writer, if you have been called to a ministry of writing for publication, be sure to set aside some time to fast and pray to receive clarification about your calling.  As you abstain from food, water or both for a designated time to hear from the Lord,  he will show you what he wants your ministry to be comprised of before you begin.

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Writer’s prayer: Father, I commit to fasting and praying so I can clearly hear what your plans are for me and my writing ministry. Amen.

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  1. Valerie says:

    Thanks for this post Jeaninne. Very timely for me, and a worthwhile reminder! Thanks for continuing to minister to us!

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