Will you be ready when opportunity knocks?

Pharaoh sent for Joseph at once, and he was brought hastily from the dungeon. Genesis 41:14, NLT

After a quick shave and change of clothes, Joseph appeared before Pharaoh to interpret his dream. After hearing Joseph’s interpretation, Pharaoh realized how wise Joseph was and appointed him second in command of Egypt.  But Joseph didn’t panic when given the opportunity, for he’d spent years preparing for it as a prisoner in the dungeons of Egypt.

What are you currently doing to prepare for your writing ministry? Are you studying the craft? Are you attending writing conferences? Are you reading writing books? Are you studying the market? Are you writing?

Although it may seem like it’s taking forever, sooner or later, an opportunity to publish is going to come your way. And when it comes, you’ll have no need to panic as long as you’ve done your part to prepare for your opportunity.

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Responding to God’s call to write:  What are you doing today to prepare yourself when the opportunity to publish your writings knocks on your door?

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  1. Valerie says:

    An on time message Jeaninne! Thanks soo much 🙂

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