Pharaoh sent for Joseph at once and he was brought hastily from the dungeon. Genesis41:14, NLT

Like a woman who has to wait nine months before she gives birth to her child, you will have to experience a gestation period in the development of your writing ministry. At times it will seem like your gestation period is taking forever, but eventually the time will come when you will give birth.

For example, Joseph spent thirteen years as a slave and prisoner in Egypt. And when the unexpected opportunity came for him to be placed second-in-command in Egypt, he was ready, for his time as a slave and prisoner in Egypt had prepared him for his new opportunity.

Aspiring writer, if you have prepared, don’t be surprised if an unexpected opportunity come your way to write for publication, for it may be God’s way of letting you know it’s time to give birth to your writing ministry.

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Writer’s prayer: Father, I look forward to when the time comes to give birth to my writing ministry. Amen

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