Until the time came to fulfill his word, the Lord tested Joseph’s character. Psalms 105:19, NLT.

Nine months. The time it normally takes a human baby to be born. Why do babies require nine months of gestation? Because the gestation time spent in the mother’s womb allows the baby time to develop and be ready for their delivery.

Joseph was a slave and prisoner in Egypt for thirteen years. Although Joseph felt at times that he was ready for God to deliver him from his captivity in Egypt, God knew exactly how long Joseph needed to remain a prisoner so he would be ready to rule.

Aspiring writer, whether it’s nine months or nine years, God knows how much time you may need to prepare for your writing ministry. So don’t get discouraged if it seems like it’s taking forever for the gestation period to end for you as an aspiring writer, for it’s just God’s way of making sure your “baby” is fully developed and ready for delivery.

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Writer’s prayer: Lord, thank you for knowing exactly how much time I will need during my gestation period to ensure I am ready to give birth to my writing ministry.

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