Are you making the most of your writing opportunities?

Make the most of every opportunity for doing good in these evil days.  Ephesians  5:16,  NLT

Six am. Time to rise so I can have my devotion and write. Instead, I turn over to sleep a little longer.  The alarm sounds again. But this time I get up to begin my busy day, and I realize my opportunity to write has gone.

The apostle Paul understood the importance of capitalizing on opportunities when they arose, especially while living in an evil world. So he encouraged the Ephesians believers not to misuse the time they had been given, but to make the most of every opportunity to do good.

Are you making the most of every opportunity you are given to write? Do you understand the urgency of getting your thoughts and ideas down when the opportunity arises, or do you assume you’ll be able to recapture those ideas at another time?

Like the Ephesian believers, we live in a world that needs to read our words of encouragement, inspiration, and healing. So make the most of your opportunities to write when they arise, so you won’t look up and find your opportunity has gone.

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Writer’s prayer: Father,  help me to take advantage of every opportunity I have to write your answer for a lost and dying world. Amen.


































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