Do you have a hard time saying no? I do.  Especially to those opportunities that cross my path as I seek to become a professional Christian writer. 

Such was the case this past week. Three people contacted me to ask for help with their writing projects. One asked if I would create the content for their on-line newsletter. Another asked if I was interested in writing devotionals for their ministry. Another asked if I would edit their college research papers.

While I’m flattered people are approaching me for help with their writing projects, before I say yes I’ve learned to ask myself two important questions:

1)What is the vision and mission of my writing ministry?

2) Does the writing project I’m being asked to do fit in with the  goals I have set  for my writing ministry?

If the writing project does not align with the vision, mission, and goals of my writing ministry, I’ve learned to just say no.

Aspiring Christian writer, you can expect others to approach you with writing projects as they learn about your writing skills.  But if what they are asking you to do is not part of the mission and purpose for your writing, it’s okay to just say no.

Sharing the journey,


Writer’s prayer: Lord, thank you for the opportunities that come across my path as a writer.  Please help me to say no to those writing projects that do not align with the vision and purpose you have for me as a Christian writer.

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