It must be done, because we must do everything that is right.                           Matthew 3:26, NLT

Before a person assumes the responsibilities as President of the United States, they participate in an inaugural ceremony. The purpose of the inauguration is to provide them with a ceremonial induction into the office of President. They could assume their new responsibilities without participating in this ceremony, but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do as they enter their new role of public service.

Before Jesus began his public ministry as a preacher, teacher and healer, he asked to get baptized. But John the Baptist asked why the baptism was necessary since Jesus was the son of God. Jesus responded that it was the right thing to do as part of his inauguration into public ministry.

Aspiring author, there are certain requirements you could bypass to publish your first book.  You could write your book without studying the craft. You could submit your manuscript without having someone review it. You could send your manuscript to a publisher without researching the markets.  But if your desire is to write and publish the best book that you can, it is important to do everything that is right as part of the inauguration for your role as a published writer.  So take time to perfect the craft of writing.  Have someone review your manuscript before you submit it.  And research the markets so you’re targeting the right publishers. Then get ready to assume your new role – Author!

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Writer’s prayer: Lord, help me not to bypass any part of your inaugural ceremonies for me as I seek to become a professional Christian writer.

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