Don’t hide your light under a basket! Instead, put it on a stand and let it shine for all. (Matthew 5:15, NLT)

I spoke with a gentleman who is working on his fourth book. “What a wonderful achievement. Who’s your publisher?” And he replied. “I have written four books, but none are published.”

In the above passage, Jesus reminds Christians they are the light of the world. But as Christians, he says they must be careful not to hide their light because of fear.  Similarly, you must be careful not to hide your light as Christian writers because you are afraid of rejection. For no matter how good your manuscripts is, no one will see it if it is stashed away in a drawer or computer file.

So pull out that manuscript that has been stashed away in your desk or computer file, for it’s time to let it shine for all the world to see.

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 Aspiring writer’s prayer: Father, I want my light to shine as a Christian writer. Please help me not to hide my writings under the bushel of fear, but to get them published for all the world to see. Amen.


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