Then he ordered all who could swim to jump overboard first and make for land, and he told the others to try for it on planks and debris from the broken ship. So everyone escaped safely ashore!

Acts 27: 43,44, NLT

Paul sailed to Rome to stand trial before Caesar because he was accused by the Jews of being an insurrectionist. But during his journey, he experienced several days of rough sailing. Eventually, his ship sank, and he swam to shore on planks and debris.

Like Paul, maybe your journey was not as smooth as you expected it to be as you sought to get your manuscript published. You may have experienced the stormy sea of discouragement.  Your ship of hope may have even sank a little when it was hit with the strong wind of rejection. However rough your journey may have been to get to publication, be sure to thank God if you finally made it ashore. Even if you came in on planks and debris.

Sharing the journey,

Writer’s prayer: Father, in spite of the challenges getting here, thank you for bringing me safely ashore to the land of publication. Amen.

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