Take another way (2)

Sometimes you have to take another way.    Antonio Johnson

While listening to the radio, I heard a gentlemen talk about an accident he encountered on his way to work using his normal route. After seeing the severity of the accident, he realized he had two options – to wait in traffic or take another way.

Aspiring  writer, life can be like that as you seek to write for publication.  As you “drive” the route to get to your destination of publication, sometimes an obstacle may arise. For example, you might encounter the obstacle of time management, or you might encounter the obstacle of too many distractions in your current writing space, or you might encounter the obstacle of feeling insecure about submitting your writings for publication.

When obstacles arise on the journey to write for publication, you have a choice like the driver of the car – to either let them impede you from reaching your writing destination or to take another way. For example, if your current writing space is not working out for you, find another one. If your current schedule is not allowing you to write, figure out a way to still make it happen. If you submitted something for publication to a particular market and it was rejected, find another market and send it again.

Overcoming obstacles will always be a part of your journey to write for publication. So when you run into an obstacle that seeks to impede you from achieving your writing goal (s), remember to take another way.

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Aspiring writer’s prayer: Father, thank you for always providing a way for me to reach my goal to write for publication if I look for it. Amen.

Writer to Writer:  In what creative ways have you overcome obstacles to achieve your goal to write for publication? Post your comments on my blog. I enjoy hearing from you.

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