Are you using your anti-virus software?

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith. (I Peter 5:8,9, NLT)

I had a major virus on my computer so I took it to a computer repair shop to have it removed. Although the computer repairman removed the virus and installed an anti-virus software, he informed me I might still have latent viruses on my computer.

A latent virus, according to Webster, is a virus that is ‘present and capable of becoming, though not now, visible or active.”  Just like we have viruses on our computer that are latent, we too have latent viruses in our lives as Christian writers that are present and capable of becoming active.  For example, there is the latent virus of discouragement that can become active when we feel like we aren’t as far along on our journey to write for publication. The latent virus of doubt can become active when we question if our writing is good enough for publication. Lastly, the latent virus of disappointment can become active when we’ve sent our work out for publication but it gets rejected.

How can you combat the latent viruses that are capable of destroying your joy and motivation as a writer? By using the best anti-software you can buy – the Word of God, for it comes with a satisfaction guaranteed to destroy any viruses you face.

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Responding to God’s call to write:  Find three or four Bible passages you can use to combat the “viruses” the Devil will send your way to discourage you on your journey to write for publication. Which Bible verses did you choose? Post your comments on my blog.  I enjoy hearing from you!










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