My Antivirus software

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith. (I Peter 5:8,9, NLT)

I had a major virus on my computer so I took it to a computer repair shop to have it removed. But although the computer repairman removed the virus and installed an anti-virus software, viruses still arose periodically on my computer.

I realized the same thing has happened to me while on my journey to become a Christian writer. For some time now, I’ve battled situational depression. And although I’ve learned how to manage my problem while I’ve been in my writing journey, every so often a situation arises that causes it to raise its ugly head.

But I understand now it’s because my depression never went away; it’s like a latent virus that arises periodically in my life when I find myself struggling on my writing journey. And just like I had to buy an anti -virus software to deal with the viruses that arose on my computer, so too I must use an antivirus software to combat the virus of depression that occurs periodically in my life..

What is the best software I can buy? The word of God. For when problems arise that I can not handle, I can use my anti-virus software to remind my that God is in control. When stress bears down upon me, I can use my anti-virus software to help me give my burdens to the Lord. When I get discouraged and wonder if I will ever get to my writing destination, I can use my anti-virus software to remind me that God has not forgotten me and will reward me for my labor. The devil is a roaring lion and wants to devour me with the deadly virus of depression, but as long as I’ve got the anti-software of the word of God, I can combat the deadly attacks he sends my way.

Christian writer, is there a latent “virus” that keeps arising in your life since you’ve’ been on your writing journey? Remember you’ve got the best anti-software around, the word of God to help you combat any attacks the devil may try to send your way.

Writer’s prayer: Heavenly Father, when depression, discouragement and despair seek to raise their ugly heads in our lives as we seek to become Christian writers, help us to combat these deadly “viruses” with the Word of God.

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