Are you tired?

My dear people, you refuse to ask for my help. You have grown tired of me! (Isaiah 43: 22, NLT)

I confess I get tired. Tired of asking for God’s help to meet my daily needs. Tired of believing in the promise he gave me that I would become  a professional Christian writer. Tired of suffering for doing good. And because I’m tired, sometimes I refuse to pray and  read God’s holy Word.

But I”m glad God hasn’t grown tired of me. I’m glad he understands when I don’t have the strength to be obedient to his will for my life as a Christian writer. And I’m glad when I’m not always faithful to my calling, he is still faithful to me.

Aspiring writer, if you’ve grown tired or weary while on your  journey to write professionally and have no desire to read the Word or pray, spend time reflecting on God’s unconditional love and faithfulness to you, as a reminder that no matter how tired you  get, God will never tired of helping you live your calling.

Sharing the Journey,



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